In-Home Pet Dental Cleanings

Non-anesthetic dental cleanings are frequently a great option for our senior pets or pets who do not tolerate general anesthesia. We use non-anesthetic dentistry at Private Animal Care to perform a safe and thorough dental cleaning on your pet without the use of anesthesia. 

Non-anesthetic Dental Cleanings

All dental services REQUIRE a Vet Exam prior to dental cleaning
Vet Exam $250
Vet Exam (Additional Pet) $100
Dental Exam $250
Dental X-Ray $375
Dental Deep Clean & Polish $400

Lower Risk

Even though anesthesia is usually safe, there are still some risks that come with it. By not giving your pet general anesthesia, you will also avoid the risks that come with it.

No Recovery Time

Anesthesia's slow recovery is another drawback. After a non-anesthetic dental cleaning, your pet will feel normal (with clean teeth!)

Reduced Cost

Procedures requiring the use of general anesthesia can be prohibitively expensive. The reduced cost of non-anesthetic dental cleaning may convince you to increase your pet's dental cleaning frequency, which is ultimately beneficial for your pet.

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