Gentle Aftercare for Your Loved One.

We believe that animals deserve the same respect in their aftercare as they did in life, and we built our company around that philosophy.

If you are struggling at this time, here are some helpful resources:

Grief Support

Euthanasia: Making the Decision

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Pet Compassion Care Line

Gateway Grief - Support Resource Book

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What is Aquamation?

Alkaline Hydrolysis

You might be asking “What is Aquamation?” Aquamation is the natural process also known as alkaline hydrolysis. Using water flow, temperature and alkalinity, it is more like natural decomposition when compared to other methods. 

Green Technology

But why use Aquamation? The answer is easy. It is a clean alternative that uses modern technology. Essentially, it just accelerates what takes place in natural decomposition. Two of the primary ways a body decomposes when buried are interactions with alkali and moisture in the soil (which begins the alkaline hydrolysis process) and the way insects help to decompose a body. In fact, the internal operation that insects use to accomplish this is actually alkaline hydrolysis. Alkaline hydrolysis is also how all humans extract nutrients from food in our small intestines.

A Patented Machine

Peaceful Pets Aquamation uses a patented machine that uses:

- Gentle water flow

- Low temperature small amount of alkali (5% solution)

- The gentle process takes about 20 hours to complete.

Peaceful Pets is one of the 1st Companies in the World to Obtain a Patented Pet Sized Model

Aquamation is a well-established technology that has only recently been adapted to the pet industry, but it is spreading rapidly. Peaceful Pets Aquamation was one of the first companies to offer this service to the everyday consumer and has greater experience in its use than anyone else.