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Veterinary Corp.

Providing pet owners access to mobile veterinary services, holistic pet wellness, and other animal care resources from the comfort of home

Private Animal Care is dedicated to ease your mind by providing quality pet care, alternative therapies, reliable services and eco-friendly products, all from the comfort of your home.

We collaborate with companies to provide your pet accessible medical care, holistic modalities, nutrition and more. Our team values animal welfare both on a local and global level, and is committed to practice ethically.

PAC Membership is a loyalty program for pet owners who want savings, access to our PAC medical team and resources to stay current on their pet’s health. No matter how many pets or the type of pet, PAC Members are included in our loyalty program to provide you monthly care.

  • DISCOUNTS on Pet Lab Work- Blood, Fecal, Urine

  • FREE Phone Consultation: 15 minute with one of our  Veterinarians

  • NO PRESCRIPTION FEE for Medications through PAC- Online Pharmacy

  • PAC – Online Pharmacy Discounts

  • PAC Newsletter – Updates on Pet Health