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Flexiness Sensimats (Various Textures & Size)

Flexiness Sensimats (Various Textures & Size)

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Variations available:

  • Flexiness Sensimat V1, Blue, Straight
  • Flexiness Sensimat V2, Blue, Wavy
  • Flexiness Sensimat V3, Blue, Diamond
  • Flexiness Sensimat V4, Lavender, Square (50cm x 50cm)

The SensiMat is Specially designed for your dog’s paws. It helps with paw grip, stimulation, and posture. It is suitable for use on other devices or on the floor. The tactile stimulation is activated, the perception is amplified.

The SensiMats are available with 3 different patterns: Straight, Wavy, or Diamond.

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